Are there words in sales that should not be used? Why? Please stop using WHY? Punch them in the face instead. But? Just shoot his wife with a beebee gun instead.

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Things to say and not to say? Is there magic in the words you use, and if there is what are the words I should or should not say?

DON’T words and phrases.

Some words you should absolutely run away from. Buy, but, trust me, you better believe it, why, why not, why is that, how come, didn’t you tell me, what do you mean, these are sample words that should be avoided in many of your sentences. There are hundreds more if we could sit down with you for an hour, however if you do not memorize them and put them in stone then you will continue to put them in use.

DO words and phrases.

If I could do that, would you. Wouldn’t you agree. Am I correct. Try it. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you. Other than that? Fast, and easy. Unlock your potential . Accept no substitute. Tried and true. You deserve a break today. Go with a winner. One-stop shopping.

The principals of the KISS mentality.


Keep it Simple-STUPID.

(oh my goodness I will not be politically correct.) STUPID. Keep it simple stupid. Kiss. Look I am sick and tired of corporations trying to tell us sales people that their way is the best way, and closing percentages go down while A.P.G’s go up. If your not at a 20 to 3o% close then you are NOT in the top end of closers. You could have a 5000 A.P.G or V.P.G. and an 8% close and im sorry but you suck. You might make a paycheck, however you will never be the HUGE success that you wish to be. So how do you start becoming the Closer that you wish you could be. You see everyone around you closing better than you, however you are getting by because you make the right A.P.G hurdles to stay, and make a steady check. SHUT UP with the excuses you sound like a tour.


I, William, do solemnly swear to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me TIMESHARE. Blah. I know this sounds like a rant but you CAN get better than you believe. ANYONE can be taught to sell with enough patience and kindness and truth.


Corporations today, their politically correct, Human Resources run, trainers SUCK because they CAN NOT tell you the truth. They can mostly spout the company training manuals. If you want the truth this is the place for it. Stop making excuses. Learn to sell. Do the work. Come here every day and get your dose of the real. Then you will have the tools needed to sell.

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