The Top 50 Objections and the ways to overcome them.

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I cannot make a decision this fast, I will be back. I have to think it over

This excuse comes to you, on average, 20-30% of the time with most tours. The minute this tour excuse comes up people ask WHY, or what do you have to think about? No, no, no, no!!! Have  I made myself clear on what you do not do? Don’t get frustrated and blow them off. The vast majority of the time it’s an excuse or it’s simply ‘give us more info so we can make an informed decision.’

I do not care who your trainers are or who your motivational speakers are; If they have not had 5 years or more of front line Timeshare talking to clients, they do not have the foggiest idea how to overcome these clients except by what they have heard or read. It is time to agree with your client and let them off the hook.”You know, Mr. client, thank you for at least keeping an open mind and letting me know you like it and you need to mull it over. Let me ask you this, what is it about this product you have to discuss with each other? (Now when you start this close you can not pause for effect.

You must continue talking without pause or even breath at this point.) Is it the fact that you dont like resorts, is it the fact that you dont like our quality, or is it just the money right now?” Now you wait for their response. The majority of the time you will hear, “Well, it’s just the money right now.” You always want to get it to the real objection and thats 1 thing, The money.  If they say ‘No i just need to think about it,’  Follow up with this:  Sir, let me ask you this, where was the last Timeshare you toured at in the past, this year or was it last year?  Wait for their response.  They will tell you, ‘oh we don’t know, it has been years.’

No matter when they toured last, it doesn’t matter follow with this.  ‘Oh i see, so 2 years or so ago you saw a Timeshare and the reason you didn’t purchase way back when doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you have had 2 years to think it over, this product is about can we fit it in financially, so which part of this is the most difficult, the initial or the monthly?’  Now wait.  IT’S always the money.

I have to talk to my accountant, attorney, family.

Most of the old timeshare mangers or closers will say, ” Sir, i understand how you feel, but have you ever called your accountant/attorney/mother to check and see if it was o.k. to go on vacation or something to this affect. Some closers will say We certainly understand. Most families trust their attorney to advise them when it comes to tax or legal matters, just out of curiosity, what would you ask them? Don’t attack. DON’T EVER USE THE WORD BUT while closing a sale. This is the weakest form of trying to convince a client. Never, if you can help it say WHY is that folks. Any time you say “I understand how you feel, or but, or why.” Your closing and they know it. We have an educated tour now and the clients have HEARD it.

But = any time you use the word But in closing you just canceled the 10 words prior to the word. “Bob, I understand how you feel, but dont you agree that your still going to spend the money?” Of coarse he agrees with you, however he will not be buying now.

Why = Any time you use the word ”why’ it’s no different than your children or siblings saying, “why, why, why,” if it frustrates them as it will frustrates you then don’t do it. Dont you dislike it when your spouse or your children come across to you with, but why mom, or your husband but why…

The answer might be, Folks I couldn’t agree with you more, any decision involving large sums of money should be talked over with people that protect your income. Let me ask you this, no matter what we do in life if we are spending the money anyway, would you agree, that we want to get the best bang for a buck, we want to have our money protected, and we want to enjoy what we are buying? Wait for the response. Great, in that case, last year you spent over $3000 dollars and you got middle of the road vacations, just as you told me earlier, and you would prefer first class as you told me earlier. We protect you legally, my company has taken care of that and if you feel the need to take the documents to your attorney we hope you will for peace of mind so which of these two programs are you leaning towards; or Folks we know clients like yourself who are interested in purchasing need reassurance about decisions every day, however until you own it and go on your first trips with my company you will have some doubt so when you try my product and go on vacation bring your mother and once she has seen how happy you are dont you feel she will want the best for her children as well; or Folks i understand totally and appreciate you giving my product this close of an inspection that you want to fit it into your budget and need to talk to your accountant to see if you can squeeze it in. DON’T do this Bob, and Mary, don’t squeeze it in. Let me ask you this, lets find a payment that you dont have to squeeze in that is totally comfortable then it makes this an easy choice.

I can not afford this

Is it just me or more and more of your clients saying this? Gotcha!!! if you said “yes they are” then guess what, we are buying into the fact that they do not have the money “For you”. If you are getting this alot then you are losing them on the anyway dollars. “Bob, Mary that is 1 hundred percent why folks such as yourselves do not become members with us. However, (now go back to the anyway dollars) I noticed you are spending the money on this trip and last year and the year before (DON’T stop talking at this point finish.) Wouldn’t you agree that if we found the right cost you would try this if it fit? If i could get you involved and it didnt cost you any more than you are spending am i correct that you would try it if it fit?” If this is done right you are right back to the money.

Most closers will say i can appreciate that folks, but let me ask you a question. Is it that you can’t afford it or is it just the down payment or some such. Remember that word? But. I can appreciate that folks, but. LIAR, you dont appreciate anything we just told you because you just canceled out our excuse. This objection will come up often, and at the end of your presentation, and if you have not done a proper discovery of vacation dollars they are spending, and you will not be able to over come this without an extensive battle with the client.

I am not interested at this time.

If you have not done a proper discovery and haven’t got a vacation committment at this time you need to start over again. However, with that said, “What is it about vacations are you not interested in (DON’T stop talking through this one either) is it the fact that you do not like vacations with your lovely wife and family or is it the money you do not like spending? If you can put it back on him and the money, always do so. Some might even say, “Which part of my program are you stumbling on, is it the fact that we do not give you enough vacation for your dollars or is it just not comfortable financially, at this time? When in doubt, “So what part of my package is causing you to say that, is it the use or the money?

Kids are in college

Let me ask you this, and correct me if im wrong, you like the program and would use it correct and the only thing stopping is that money is going to the kids in college, am i correct? I appreciate you sharing that, and it sounds to me like you love your kids. You have no idea how many clients tell me the kids are on their own, its pleasant to hear that clients take care of their babies the way I do. Let me ask you this. Do you feel that your spending habits will change after the kids get out of college down the road and you might consider me then? (The client feels left off the hook some what because your putting it off to the future.) So your only going to vacation the way you have been doing and your not suddenly going to spend $10,000 dollars on vacations before the kids get out of college, correct? Ok, with that said, then your vacation habits are not going to change for a few years. In that case, if i could upgrade you, (find you a program) for the same as what you have been spending or less so it doesn’t dip into the kids money im correct that you would probably upgrade (join with me) today if it fit, correct? When you get the ‘yes’ you have them. If they say no, right now we dont want to spend a dime then you have your work cut out. You must get them to say yes on the money, and if you have done a viable discovery, and you have the anyway dollars with their agreement you can use their anyway dollars to refute their excuse.

Bob, if your going to upgrade some day (or if your going to purchase this someday) then when would be a better time? Lets face it, you know and i know, this companys prices will not be any cheaper than they are right now during this type of economy. If you agree you will do this someday then how about doing it today for the same or less than what you are spending.

The economy is too uncertain, or i may lose my job

Sir/Mrs i can really appreciate how that must fill, the loss of a job, the economy being so ruff, let me ask you this, i know if i lost my job I am not going to stop my life I am going to find another job, however even with that fear I am still going on vacations. How? Because i have prepaid it. If i lived in fear of my job the rest of my life i would never go on vacation, I believe you feel the same way because your here on vacation. I know that many clients book vacations and something happens they dont cancel the vacation, they go. However, its no different that if you prepay your vacations you dont need to cancel your plans because you have pre-paid them. Now let me ask you this, if you joined with me today and a year from now or 2 or 5 years from now you lost your job what would you do? Thats right you find another job, however if something happens and you have to sell this or rent it, dont you agree its better to have it and run into financial issues then to not have it and regret not getting it if no job issue arises? Lets face it, when we are young we say we will wait and do it when we get older, then 10 years goes by and we are 30; we will wait and do it later, now we are 40 theres a mortgage bills we will wait; now we are 50, 60, we say why didnt we do it when we were 30 because we just cant do it now.

You can also go about it from the stand point of the recession. Bob and Mary, let me ask you this: for the last two to three years we have been in the worst economy in 30 years and our prices have come down to match the economy. Now we are on the up swing, our companys stock has never been higher and we have not raised our prices in years, with that said our company is going to raise this price enormously in the next few weeks, months, and you and I know that if you could have gotten the same prices now as they were 10 years ago you would be doing this right now, am i correct? (Wait for the client to respond.) Well what if i could get you a program at prices from 20 years ago? Same product but at the prices from 1980 or 1990, you would jump on that in a second, am i correct? If they say yes then they are committing to a price, you have them, now find that price.

Nothing in life is certain, however we can plan and save in case the worst happens. If you lost your job, could you retire today? No? Well most people can’t so like most families faced with this unpleasant situation what would you do? Would you give up and die or find another job to pay your bills? So, if you agree that if i lost my job I would find another, chances are you would be fine. However, to be on the safe side what if we could get you a program for less then what your going to spend anyways, am i correct that you would be my newest members? People don’t plan on failing they fail to plan. Your here on vacation spending money, even though when you booked this trip im sure you had no issues from work, yet your still here. That means your worried about the economy but your not scared to death otherwise you would be here.

Stock Market losses

Bob, I couldn’t agree with you more, all that have money in the stock market get hurt or get rich, or both every day, however as I understand it you dont live here your here on vacation, correct? So that means there is some money that you will spend on vacation despite the market that is what we are after the money you will spend no matter what, however at this time not alot. So, if I can find a program that fits you, that you can start off with and down the road when you recover from the market you can upgrade, am i correct that if it fit you would be my newest owners? If they say no then the Market excuse is not the real objection. (It never is the real objection, the excuses).

This type of excuse is always the same, whether they are saving for a home-they are still spending money- saving for a car- still spending money- what ever the excuse they are on vacation.

We wouldn’t use it.

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I need to talk to my lawyer, my kids, my accountant, my mother, whoever.  So many excuses you need the tutors so keep on reading down this list and tell me if you have all the answers.

It’s to costly.

I want to compare it with others

I want to speak to anyone.

I can’t afford the cost.

You’re pressuring me.

I’ll be back.


Give me a day to think it over.


I am too old, if you could have reached me when i was young.


I am only shopping around.


I have too many payments.


I am buying a new home, new car, something.


i can get it cheaper on the resale market, internet.


We have just got married and we want to get ‘X’ first.


I just bought at ____ resort, you just missed us.


If i didn’t already own.


I am looking on behalf of my mom and dad.


it’s too big, too tiny, i don’t like this type of vaction.


I just don’t feel right about buying today.


I can’t fit this in my budget.


I don’t wantto buy.


I’ll get back to you within the week.


I have a friend, or someone, I use theirs.


I don’t buy anything unless i pray about it.


Can you give me some literature and ill think it over.


We are satisfied with the way we are traveling.


I had a friend, family, business associate that had a bad experience.


It is just not the right time.


If i were to do this today i would pay cash, however we don’t have the cash and we don’t finance. (lol)


It is too much to take all the info in at one time we need to study.


I was told by so and so not to sign a thing.


I don’t do anything unless i sleep on it.


How do I know it will be as good as you say it is.



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