Is it just me or do FOLKS that sell and the clients make up excuses?!!

by William Ashley | Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 | 2153 views

I have been training on this site for over 8 years and I continue to be amazed by the fact that Reps, Marketers, and Managers have as many excuses as the clients do.  STOP it.  Your being worse than the clients you deal with.  Remember IF YOU PUT THE WORK in to it you get out what you put in.  You can NOT learn if someone doesn’t teach you and you do not practice, practice, practice what you have learned from the teacher.

Stop saying they told me to do this, I did it once, it didn’t work so it must not work. That is the most senile thing I have heard yet.

‘I failed 1000 times more than I succeeded, I just had to push myself to win more and more.  If I let the failures rule my life I never would have been who I became.?’

Michael Jordan

‘I missed 60% of the time, however I hit the ball 40% of the time and over my entire career I found that if I struck out 5 times but I swung at it every time, I was  success enough times to become one of the best.’

Babe Ruth.


It takes 100 tours and doing the same successful things to sell 30.  Those 30 could come in the last 50 or the first 50 or in between you do not know.  ABC  Always be closing.



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