Off prem. contact. or OPC or Phone Marketing

by webadmin | Tuesday, Jul 20, 2010 | 1015 views

The absolute life-blood of the Timeshare industry is TOURS, TOURS, TOURS.  Don’t tell me the reason they didn’t buy was because it was a bad tour.  That is absolute non-sense.  If you have a tour and you expect them to sell themselves your a fool or naive.  You and I both know that if you don’t have a tour you have no shot at a sale, correct?  So, with that being said, yes some marketing reps shortcut and cut corners on you to get you a tour, that might disqualify 1 but what about the other 25 tours.  BIG DEAL.   Listen, reps will make excuses all the  time about why they didnt sell the last one, however don’t blame marketing.  So, stop talking about  the tours and start finding ways to sell them.  Now for all you reps that are in marketing, how did I do for praise?  We love our marketing and we need them very well trained as well.

If your in marketing, you need the tutor as well.

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