Teach me to sell! I want to learn to sell! Sales are falling all around me, however I can not seem to get my fair share!

by webadmin | Saturday, Sep 11, 2010 | 733 views

Remember, a mentor, trainer, tutor is someone who has been in the ditch and crawled out again.  Sales people are extremely tenacious.  We pick ourselves up, dust off, and come out in a clean suit.  Your armor is the armor that takes thousands of people and only wants to sell 20 down to 10 percent.  Unfortunately, you never know when the yes is going to come.  So, if you want to know how to shrug off the no, and replace it with yes, then you MUST get help now. 

Dont let your pride stop you from getting help. 

I went to a website that I thought might give me insight into some helpful hints and what I found was someone that had been in timeshare for a very short period of time trying to train people for money.  This site is not about money, its about passion to teach without taking any more tours.

I talked with a friend in florida on the phone tonight and he asked how is California Timeshare treating me.  I continue to make great money, in the terms I am content with, here.  However, the unfortunate thing is trainers in Timeshare make limited money, and if you dont have the IN with the right boss you make less then the worst T.O. so here I am locked into being a Director of sales. 

It may seem like im complaining, that is furthest from the truth, I am merely letting you all know that I am here of my own accord trying to help a few of you, if you believe I am here for money goto one of the websites that charge you thousands and see if that helps.  Maybe a light will shine through and a diamond will be cut from the many lumps of coal out there.  Maybe some day, if I make it to old and gray, oh wait im bald, I will have helped a few thousand from my ramblings on the net.

We all want to make a great living from sales, just remember YOUR NOT ALONE.  There are tens of thousands of us on this planet in the employ of a timeshare super company.  Some huge some small, just dont let anyone tell you that you cant do it.  Flush the no and get ready for the yes.

I just figured out that 34 years ago I set my feet firmly on shakey lot sales territory, wow, seems like 50 years ago. 

Buck up and realize you can read all the books you want, all the seminars in the world, all the motivation tapes around and spend tens of thousands, however unless you have a mentor that knows what they are doing, that you can role play with and they correct you as you go, you might not ever improve.

So, if its not here, then who?

William Ashley.  Yep.

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