This site is also for you T.O.'s in the industry. T.O. sales training is needed more now than ever in Time Share.

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Not everyone aspires to be a closing T.O. or higher leadership, but those who do must learn a unique skill set to become a good manager and trainer of his/her team. What is the definition of a T.O? Is it a title? Is it a job description you receive? I am not talking about a manager, but a true leader and career T.O. If you recall as a young person you played sports in P.E., were you chosen last, first or in the middle. You and I both know you wanted to be picked first. When you goto work do people want to be on your team because you can train and close? Do they constantly ask why can I not be under this person? Many times in time share you might have been called over to a table and had nothing and turned it into something, however it did nothing to push you forward as a manager. Turn Over, or T.O. is not a manager. You may be a manager, you may be a many things, but without people that believe and follow your lead, you are not a leader. Let’s take a look at the different styles and elements of proven leadership.

There are several diff types of managers in Time Share and at the Tutor we will look at all of them.

Being a good manager is more than hard work and effort. It is not measured by your level of dedication, personal sacrifice, or hours worked on the job. You can’t tell a good manager by how hard they work, or even how well liked they are by their peers. The proven manager is a manager by the numbers. For a manager, you’re A.P.G. tells the tale of how effective you are in a T.O. role. When the day is over, you will be measured by only one thing; the overall sales of the team you manage. Without good leadership, the success of any team will never grow large enough to make a difference. In order to manage, you must have the ability to influence people to get the numbers. It is also important motivate them to grow and be empowered in their professional role to achieve higher goals then they ever surmised.

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